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Fifth Grade


Keyboarding –  When students complete a lab project, they spend their free time working on keyboarding skills on the website Nitro Type.

Digital Citizenship -  Students spent five weeks in the Fall learning about a variety of Digital Citizenship topics. They then collaborated in small groups to write a script about their topic. Students recorded videos with an iPad in front of a green screen backdrop and combined the video with backgrounds in the iPad app, Do Ink Green Screen, to create a finished project that made them appear to be in locations other than the classroom. Students then edited the videos in iMovie to create Public Service Announcements (PSA), which were then shown to the entire class.

Computer Coding – Students started computer coding on in December and worked at their own pace through the 20-hour coding Course F during computer lab. They learned to assembled a series of blockly commands into a simple program to move characters through a maze, perform a series of tasks, or draw geometric designs and pictures. Students also participated in the worldwide Hour of Code event and worked on special activities on the website.

Google Slides - Students used a poem generator to write an "I Have a Dream" poem, then insert photos into the slideshow. Students recorded themselves reading their poems and learned how to insert the audio file into their slideshows.

Adobe Spark Video - Students used the multimedia slideshow feature of this app with a partner to create an advertisement about one of the 13 colonies. The objective was to persuade the viewer to move to their colony.

Nitro Type - A free website that students can use for improving typing skills - This is a site where students can test their speed, accuracy, and skill while typing paragraphs for a timed interval. - This website contains a variety of fun and educational activities by grade level and subject area.