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Fourth Grade


Keyboarding – In the fall, students devote part of their computer lab time working on finger placement, accuracy, and speed with the typing website, Typing Club. This program emphasizes touch typing and provides reports on the individual's progress. Students are also taught proper ergonomics when using the computer. Students can go through Clever to access their Typing Club accounts.

Digital Citizenship - Students spent four weeks in the Fall learning about a variety of Digital Citizenship topics. Students created a superhero comic strip to illustrate a digital citizenship concept using Sketchpad and Google Slides.

Computer Coding – Students started computer coding on in December and worked at their own pace through the 20-hour coding Course E during computer lab. They learned to assembled a series of blockly commands into simple programs to move characters through a maze, perform a series of tasks, or draw geometric designs and pictures. Students also participated in the worldwide Hour of Code event and worked on special activities on the website. (See Classroom Links below). In early spring, students used different colored markers on paper to code instructions for Ozobots (tiny robots) to move along paths and complete challenges.

Google Slides - Students used a poem generator about "I Have a Dream" to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. and created a slideshow with the poem and images.

California Gold Rush - Students researched the Gold Rush in their classroom and played the role of a journalist to write a story about the historical event. They then created an authentic-looking 1840s-1850s newspaper article in Microsoft Publisher. 

Website Links:

Use Clever to access Typing Club and accounts

Dance Mat Typing - Free website to learn touch-typing - This is a free website where students can test their speed, accuracy, and skill while typing paragraphs for a timed interval. - This website contains a variety of fun and educational activities by grade level and subject area.