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Kindergarten Technology

Students spent the first computer class of the year learning the computer lab rules and different parts of the computer.

Students spent several computer lab classes learning how to use a mouse through a variety of engaging educational activities on the Playground page of the website, FunBrain. Students continued to refine their mouse skills with additional activities on the website,

Students also used typing programs on to continue building their keyboarding skills - Keyboard Zoo reinforced correct use of right and left hands for the different letters, and Cup Stacking and Type Rocket Jr. reinforced letter location while motivating students to increase their speed in order to improve their scores. Keyboard Zoo 2 teaches students how to type uppercase letters and short sentences.

In December, students and teachers learned how to code. They started off the sequence by putting together simple programs to instruct a dinosaur to move and dance on the screen using the iPad app, Daisy the Dinosaur. They then progressed to the website with desktop computers and worked on the self-paced 20-hour Course A on Coding activities involved assembling a series of commands into a simple program to move characters through a maze or accomplish a series of tasks. Students also created code to move a mechanical mouse through a variety of mazes.

Desktop Computers - Students worked on a number of activities with numbers, letters, and skill-related activities on

Seesaw - Students used this iPad app to work on computer lab and classroom initiated projects related to math, ELA, science, and holidays.

Digital Citizenship - Students learned about using technology safely and properly and completed a project in Seesaw to reinforce the concepts covered.

Click links below (blue text) to go to Websites that are used in the Computer Lab: - Pre-K and K Playground – Contains a variety of mouse activities – contains a variety of activities for keyboarding, letters, numbers, and strategy. Students use Keyboard Zoo, Cup Stacking, Type Rocket Jr., and Type Rocket

Mrs. Pearce's Login Page – students will need to know their login character to access their account

Ms. Pearson's Login Page - students will need to know their login character to access their account

Ms. LaBasco's Login Page – students will need to know their login character to access their account