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Third Grade




Students learned the computer lab rules and reviewed parts of the computer on the first day of computer lab.

Keyboarding - Students spend the first third of every computer lab session working on finger placement, accuracy, and speed with the online website, Typing Club. Students are also taught proper ergonomics when using the computer.

Name Acrostic– Students learned to format WordArt, text, and text boxes in Microsoft Word to create an acrostic with their name and descriptive words about themselves. Students learned how to use screen capture with the Print Screen key to take a picture of their Acrostics and import them into their digital portfolios.

Computer Coding Students started computer coding on Code.org in November and worked at their own pace through the 20-hour coding Course 2 during computer lab. They learned to assembled a series of blockly commands into a simple program to move characters through a maze, perform a series of tasks, or draw geometric designs and pictures. In December, students will participate in the Hour of Code, a worldwide coding event organized by Code.org. (See Code.org Classroom Links below)

Chromebooks – Students have been using Chromebooks in their classrooms weekly for research and typing documents.  They will start using them in the computer lab and learn some of the useful features of Google Docs, as well as some helpful Google Apps and Extensions.

Digital Portfolios - Students created digital portfolios in Google Slides. As they complete various projects, they will import them into Google Slides and comment on the project, what software/website was used to create it, what they learned, and what they thought about the project. At the end of the year, they will be able share their work with their families.

Color Poem – Students used Microsoft Word to write poems describing a color with their five senses.  They learned how to change page orientation, add page borders, format text and insert clipart.

Native American Day - Students used KidPix 3D to draw themselves doing their favorite activity of Native American Day. They imported this into their digital portfolio and commmented on what they are doing and why it was their favorite activity.

Internet Searches – Students learned how to conduct better Internet searches and refine their searches using search tips and tricks.

Digital Citizenship

Students watched videos and participated in discussions about digital etiquette, being responsible and respectful on and off line, and cyberbullying.


Website Links (Click on text in blue to go to the websites):

Dance Mat Typing - An introductory course to touch typing. Colorful with fun animal characters that provide instructuions for the lessons.

Typing Club - You will need to login with your Username and password

TypingTest.com - This is a site where students can test their speed, accuracy, and skill while typing paragraphs duirng a one minute interval.


Mrs. Ramirez's Code.org Login - Students will need their secret words to login

Mrs. Garrity's Code.org Login - Students will need their secret words to login

Mrs. Thompson's Code.org Login - Students will need their secret words to login