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Return $7 billion in local funds that should be going to California schools NOW.



Legislative Representative

Your vote does make a difference

Your vote does make a difference


Legislative Committee

What can you do to help?

Comments, questions? Contact Sara Curran, LP-PTA Leg Rep.

Our Elected Representatives

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors
District 2
Candace Andersen

California State Assembly, 14th District
Susan Bonilla

California State Senate, 7th District
Steve Glazer

US House of Representatives
10th Congressional District
Jeff Denham

US Senate: Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein

State Education Committees

California State Assembly Committee
On Education
Patrick O'Donnell, Chair

Primary jurisdictions are education generally, certificated employees of schools, school finance, and school facilities
Committee phone:
(916) 319-2087

California State Senate Education Committee,
Carol Liu, Chair

Need help researching those measures and propositions on this November's ballot?

As a PTA community, the most important work we do is to advocate for the policies and legislation that support the education and well being of our children and families.  On November 8, we all have the opportunity to lend our voices and our votes to several initiatives, from the local to the state level, that will directly impact our children.


Here is a brief overview from a local perspective.....

Measure V: Moraga School District Facilities Bond 
(LP PTA and Las Trampas Council PTA has endorsed a YES vote)

Provides $33M in funding to upgrade infrastructure.  Moraga School District's last bond was in 1995. The bond will include an important seismic retrofit project. These facilities upgrades are critical to maintaining a high-quality learning environment for our students.  


County Measure X: Transportation Tax

(Contra Costa County Measure X came to our attention too late for a formal endorsement, we ask our parents to consider the implications outlined below when casting their ballots.)

The implications of this initiative reach our children in two important ways:

  1. Funding for school buses is included in "Traffic Congestion Reduction" which will account for approximately 20% of the expenditures.
  2. The "Local Streets and Roads" provision accounts for approximately 24% of the expenditures and encompasses Safe Routes to School monies that several communities within Las Trampas have used to provide safer walking and bike routes to schools.

Proposition 51:  School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities 
(California PTA has endorsed a YES vote)

State bonds are leveraged by local communities to address deteriorating facilities across the state.  California currently has no open bonds available.  One of the critical criteria for accessing state level bonds is the recent passage of local bonds - as state funds are often matching.   The elementary school districts in the Las Trampas Council should be well positioned to access these dollars if this bond passes.


Proposition 55: Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare (California PTA has endorsed a YES vote)

This initiative is a partial extension of California's Proposition 30, scheduled to expire in 2018.  It would extend the existing income tax on the wealthiest 1% of Californians for an additional 12 years.  Income at this level can be quite volatile as it is tied into the overall boom and bust cycle of the wider economy, but is nonetheless critical for lending stability to the budgeting and analysis required by our local superintendents to manage our schools.  The consensus of our superintendents' panel is that the passage of this initiative is an important component that can help to delay deficit spending. 


Proposition 58: SB 1174 (Chapter 753, Statutes of 2014), Lara. English Language Education
(California PTA has endorsed a YES vote)

This initiative allows school districts to exercise more flexibility in how English Language Learners are taught by removing provisions from 1992's Proposition 227 that mandated that English learners be instructed exclusively in English.  It does not change the requirement that English learners receive structured English instruction.  The overall percentage of English Language Learners across our Council is generally quite low, our panel pointed to a number of methodologies that allow students to achieve greater levels of content mastery and opportunity to utilize technology that supports learning in a student's home language.