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Kindergarten Technology

Students spent the first class learning the computer lab rules and different parts of the computer.

Students spent several computer lab classes learning how to use a mouse through a variety of engaging educational activities on the Playground page of the website, FunBrain. Students continued to refine their mouse skills with additional activities on the website, ABCya.com.

Students used the website, Key Seeker to learn which hand to use for each letter on the keyboard. They then used typing programs on ABCya.com to continue building their keyboarding skills - Keyboard Zoo reinforced correct use of right and left hands for the different letters, and Cup Stacking and Type Rocket Jr. reinforced letter location while motivating students to increase their speed in order to improve their scores.


Students and teachers spent November and December learning computer coding. They started off the sequence by learning basic coding concepts on the iPad working through the 20-hour Course 1 on Code.org. We will continue to work through the course on the desktop computers in the lab in December. Coding activities involve assembling a series of commands into a simple program to move characters through a maze, perform a series of tasks, or draw geometric designs and pictures. In December, LP Kindergarten students will join million students from around the world and participated in the Hour of Code. (See Code.org Classroom Links below)

Click link for details - https://code.org/learn.  


iPad Activities:

Pocket Phonics - Students learn letters, how to draw letters, letter sounds, and how to combine letters to form simple words.

Code.org - Students started working through the 20-hour Course 1 on the iPads.


Click links below (blue text) to go to Websites that are used in the Computer Lab:

Funbrain.com - The Mom's and Kid's Playground – Contains a variety of mouse activities

Key Seeker - Typing Program – Basic typing program to introduce which hand to use with each letter

Big Brown Bear Keyboard Game - Basic typing program that shows the location of each of the letters and while scoring students. The program also has a more advanced option which teaches students touch typing.

ABCya.com – contains a variety of activities for keyboarding, letters, numbers, and strategy. Students use Keyboard Zoo, Cup Stacking, Type Rocket Jr., and Type Rocket

Mrs. Pearce's Code.org Login Page students will need to know their login character to access their account

Ms. Rago's Code.org Login Page students will need to know their login character to access their account

Ms. LaBasco's Code.org Login Page students will need to know their login character to access their account